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As a Sports Medicine doctor for over 24yrs, I've seen a lot of pain/muscle creams. ViM finally gives me something I can recommend to my patients and athletes with confidence. It's unique combination of proven ingredients combined with the HEMP oil provides all the nutrients your muscles and joints require. I not only endorse this product; I use it myself!

Dr. W Joe Ford, BS, DC, CCSPVitality Sports Medicine
ViM is fantastic! I have used it to relieve pain and stiffness in my shoulder, neck, and lower back. Golf is a passion of mine. It's a hard game as it is, reducing aches and pains is vital. Thankfully, ViM has gotten me back on the course. I could see golfers, recreational and competitive, using ViM.

Kevin HaniganPresident & CEO
I have been a business owner for 20 years and have thirty employees who I work with daily. The right side of my neck had been hurting for a couple days. It felt like I had a severe crick. I could not turn my head without pain. I had to move my whole body to be able to see to the right. I decided to try ViM. After thirty minutes I noticed some relief and by the next morning it way gone! I was very pleased by the results and would highly recommend this product for pain.

Lynda HannaBusiness owner
Suffering from spinal stenosis, back and neck pain is something I carry everyday! But ViM has provided a relief and comfort I haven't felt in years!

Bobby HillVim User
I am 71 and in June of 2018 I had major back surgery to include repair of nerve damage. Since, I have had very little pain. When I do I just rub a little ViM where pain occurs. In a very short time pain subsides. In January of 2019 I developed a Bakers Cyst to the right of my left knee and it became a full blown ordeal. My left calf was swollen three times larger than my right calf for about 3 days. Experienced much more pain than back surgery.

Carolyn BarkerRetired Legal Secretary / Grandma
ViM has been like the unicorn body supplement. Not only does is relieve pain and aches but it helps me sleep with pleasant dreams. I've had bone spurs in my ankle since I was 10 yrs. old and I've never had anything that worked so well relieving the aches like ViM. I've even given it to my sister who plays basketball for UNT, and she told me all the girls on the team ask to use it.

Neal ThompsonFive Oak Investment Group, LLC
My mind was blown when I rubbed a little ViM on a headache that Tylenol and Advil couldn't relieve and in moments it was gone.

Sandra HillVim User
I've dealt with body aches and pains for many years now. I just thought they went with the territory of playing college football and in the NFL. I've tried many muscle creams and topical relaxers but NOTHING has been able to give me the pain relief that ViM has. Since adding VIM to my daily maintenance schedule, I now feel better than I have in the last 10 years!

Devin LemonsRetired NFL Linebacker
ViM is a new moms best friend! All the picking up and putting down has been much easier!

Taryn HillVim User
As a U.S. Army veteran with over 21,000 flight hours and 1,700 combat missions, I have had several serious injuries. Pain has been a daily battle since 1967 when I was in a helicopter crash that resulted in severe back and shoulder injuries. I am now 70. I have two artificial shoulders and endure constant pain in my back. Still, I refuse to give up two of my biggest passionsā€“fitness and flying. Thanks to ViM, I am able to do this with less pain.

Jim DavidsonVietnam Veteran, U.S. Army, U.S. Customs, Department of Energy, Director of Operations/Aviation, contract pilot in Afghanistan, Corporate Jet Pilot
I played sports at least 25 years and still very active. During that time, I had 5 knee surgeries. Needless to say, I have arthritis in both knees and my lower back. I always wake up with stiffness and pain in my back and knees and it takes me a while to walk without limping. I started using Vim at night and have noticed a big difference in the morning, less pain and my flexibility is definitely improving!

Kellie Beckermother of two, ex athlete
As an athlete growing up I knew as I got older the physical activities I have always enjoyed would slow me down tremendously. As I approach 50 years of age I've continued to slow down. My lower back from football, my elbow from baseball (bursitis and tendon problems in my throwing arm), a torn acromioclavicular joint (AC-Joint torn 3 times in my left shoulder), and a bone spur on my right foot (extremely painful as a golf coach walking several miles a day during tournaments)

Adam C. DavidsonCEO of R1-OUT, LLC /Chemist, Educator, Golf Coach
As a working mom of 3 boys, I find myself very busy with different activities. This product, ViM, has helped with muscle aches and pains during sleepless nights, long sporting events, and weekends out with the family. I highly recommend ViM for athletes, moms, or anyone who has muscle and joint pain.

Nicole LemonsWorking mom of 3
For the past few months I have been dealing with knee issues. Things like swelling make it rough to get through my day. I've been using ViM for a few days now and it has made a world of difference!

Terrance LemonsPersonal Trainer/Fitness Coach
ViM provided quick and lasting relief to my lower back after a significant strain. It will be the first thing I use for any future injuries, God forbid. I am very pleased with the results.

Kevin BlacquiereMarketing
I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and in my neck area which results in random migraines, frequent headaches and neck pain. I'm not really a fan of using topical cream's because they smell but after using ViM, I not only found relief from my neck and shoulder pain, but it also has a pleasant smell. My headaches are also less frequent.

Leslie MorrisWife and mother of 3
As a former collegiate football player taking care of my body has always been a priority! Now as a High school football coach using ViM has allowed me to continue to do so! Especially with the amount of hours I am on my feet!

Malcolm HillVim User
I suffer everyday from my herniated disk in my L5S1 and am a surgery candidate. I also suffer from my aching feet as well. ViM has provided an instant and lasting relief and is so soothing to my back and feet. I am very pleased and happy and plan on using this for the rest of my life.

Laura HoffaWife, Mother of two and Grandmother
I was wondering, have your chemistry friends released their product "VIM" to the general public? Or am I part of Marvel Comics super hero development plan? VIM seems to work very well. Both of my knees have been quite sore. After three applications/days my left knee is pain free. The right one is a little tougher. Today it was pain free until 2:00. This is a thumbs up product! Thanks for getting us in the loop! Cheers

Ross LindVim User
I thank God for ViM. I apply ViM first thing in the morning, before I go to bed, before workouts, and prior to any activity to my feet, shoulder, lower back, and left elbow. Workouts are more intense than ever and my attitude has improved exponentially. Turning 50 in a few short years has never been more promising. Thank you R1-OUT for ViM!

Adam C. DavidsonCEO of R1-OUT, LLC /Chemist, Educator, Golf Coach
It did not matter what I did: take medication or rub creams on the leg. Nothing was giving relief. Again ViM became the 'go to.' I rub it behind my knee and down the back of my calf and BINGO! I have no cramping during the night and I am sleeping and resting better than ever. ViM is an amazing product.... easy to use producing awesome results.

Carolyn BarkerRetired Legal Secretary / Grandma