The R1-Out Story

R1-Out, parent company of ViM, was founded in 2019 combining chemistry and wellness to develop a 100% natural, non-GMO topical product.

ViM is truly a labor of love as the R1-Out Team originally developed the balm to help a combat veteran manage his pain. After researching the wellness benefits of Cannabinoidal (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the Team zeroed in on Hemp Seed Oil. Using Hemp Seed Oil, users reaped the benefits of CBD/THC, without some of its known drawbacks. Hemp Seed Oil benefits include:

  • No THC, which is illegal in many states
  • Direct application to the area of inflammation, stress, or tension
  • Doesn't buildup in the user’s system, causing increased tolerance
  • Hydrates the skin

Continued Development & Benefits

Prior to launching ViM, the R1-Out Team facilitated a sample marketing campaign for feedback, providing product to 500 people. Product research of the wellness benefits of other natural oils and ingredients, enthalpy relationships, and getting the best raw materials across the globe are contributing factors in the development of the most synergist and potent product. Years and hundreds of formulations later, R1-Out created ViM. From the sample marketing campaign, users provided feedback that ViM gives them a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Decreases chronic pain
  • Relieves sore muscles and tendinitis
  • Reduces joint pain from arthritis and gout
  • Alleviates headaches and migraines
  • Promotes restful sleep and relaxation
  • Enhances general wellness

The R1-Out Team is passionate about getting ViM into the hands of anyone needing relief. In addition to the original reasons for formulating ViM (discomfort in the common areas such as necks, backs, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles, and feet), the R1-out Team received feedback from people using ViM for migraines, gout, bakers' cysts, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), sleep, and skin disorders. R1-Out Team look forward to developing more products that will improve the quality of people’s lives.

Active Ingredients

Inflammation: 13 active ingredients
Skin: 13 active ingredients
Pain Relief: 9 active ingredients
Blood Flow: 4 active ingredients
Muscle Recovery: 4 active ingredients
Sleep/Relaxation: 4 active ingredients


This proprietary blend of 21 all-natural ingredients, including the best essential oils from 11 different countries, has provided users with the 100% natural relief that their body deserves.